Chair massage


promo headshot, 2019
I offer chair massage for corporate clients, street fairs, or special events. The techniques are mostly myofascial release and deep-tissue, to maximize effectiveness in a short time while not feeling “too deep”. I can travel anywhere in the Niagara region with my equipment. I need a space of at least 6 by 6 feet to set up in. If you have a business and are considering hiring me to massage your employees, please accept my offer of a trial chair-massage. If you like it, have me back to work on your staff. Reduced rate for gigs over 5 hours. Contact I can provide references from prior corporate and chair-massage clients.

Pride in the Park, 2019 (see pictures)


Chair massage differs from spa or relaxation massage in that it is done over clothes without any oil; treatments are shorter, usually 10-20 minutes rather than 60-90; and the client sits upright in a special chair, not lying down on a table. This is a convenient and comfortable position to receive work on areas of the body that usually need the most attention: back, neck, and shoulders.
a massage “chair”   how you sit in it


Events I’ve provided chair (and sometimes table) massage at include:
  • Ride To Conquer Cancer
  • Ride To Conquer Cancer
  • Pillar and Post Native Arts Day
  • various conferences (post-Covid restrictions)
  • Ride To Conquer Cancer
  • GoodLife Corporate Wellness on-site therapist: multiple events or locations around Ontario
  • Henley House Employee Day
  • Brock Wellness Day
  • 8th Annual Pride in the Park
  • GoodLife Workplace Wellness on-site therapist
  • CITT conference, Meridian Centre
  • House parties, Niagara Falls
  • St. David’s Ladies Day Fundraiser
  • Brock Wellness Conference
  • Brock Wellness Conference
  • Niagara Falls Springlicious
  • Niagara Falls Canada Day celebration
  • Brock Wellness Conference
  • Spiritual Spa spring and fall open house
  • Spiritual Spa Grand Opening (new location)
  • Empowerment of Women Festival
  • Brock Wellness Conference
  • Canada’s Learning & Technology Conference
  • Peachbud 5K run
  • Twenty Valley Half-marathon
  • Road to Hope Marathon
  • Bob Kemp hospice
  • Ironman Triathlon
  • Art Institute of Vancouver Health & Wellness Fair
  • Denman Car-Free Day
  • East Side Pride Festival
  • Riley Park Community Day
  • Davie Street Pride Party
  • Sunset Beach Festival (as Sponsor Member of Vancouver Pride)
  • Under the Volcano Artisans Fair
  • Morguard Golf Tournament
  • Art Institute student “relaxation parties”
  • Davie Day
  • Art Institute of Vancouver employee day
  • Steeves Manor Annual Health Fair
  • Kits Neighbourhood House Wellness Fair
  • Yoga4Kidz 24-hour Yoga Relay
  • Vancouver Art Institute St. Nick All-Nighter