Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions, which Laura operates out of The Spiritual Spa in Niagara Falls ON, is “focused on teaching individuals to read the signs that your body is giving you and show you the path in honoring and respecting yourself.”

Laura has a lifetime of experience with the healing path, and her first professional certification was in the medical field (Records Technology). She complements her intuitive massage abilities with masters-level Reiki practice. See her home page Miles of Smiles: Reflexology, Reiki, and Energy Healing in the Niagara Region or read more about Laura Canal, Reflexologist. To sample the range of her experiences and meditations, see the many essays in her blog, which includes a Spotlight article about her from Spiritual Niagara’s August 2015 Newsletter.

From my own training in reflexology (VSBM, 2008), and from receiving treatments from her, I can attest that in skilled hands it can be an insightful and very effective healing modality. While the exact mechanisms may still be somewhat a mystery, our nervous system is a miraculously complex and inter-related network, and I’ve seen time-and-again how certain conditions can be felt in the feet. Many of Laura’s clients have experienced how her reflexology sessions can highlight issues elsewhere in their physical body or in their emotional/spiritual body, and how her loving therapeutic touch can treat those conditions. Read more about What is Reflexology? and see some of the many heartfelt Testimonials people have shared about her work.

Laura is also a certified Reiki Master. Throughout history, most cultures have believed in a “life force” that permeates all things. Whether Latin anima, Chinese chi or ki, Arabic ruh, Sanskrit brahm or prana — the awareness of an animating force is universal. Interestingly, in many languages the words for spirit, soul, or breath are actually from the same root, like Latin’s spir- giving us both “spirit” and “inspire”. Early in the 20th century the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui developed a system for focusing and channeling this energy, which is now practiced as Reiki. Read more about this form of energy healing in What is Reiki?

Finally, she offers bi-weekly classes in Niagara Falls on many topics. Some are guided meditations, some are craft workshops, some are introductions to the techniques of Reflexology, some are fire-side classes and foot-soaks. Read more about these on her Events page and in her Under the Oak Tree series.

When done well, reflexology is way more than just a good foot massage — give Miles of Smiles a try! Sessions are at the Spiritual Spa Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Reduced-price promotional days are also offered every other Tuesday. Read more at

Laura’s son Geoffrey Canal, who has extensive training in both health and wellness, is a certified Personal Training Specialist, and teaches martial arts, offers Spiritual Fitness Training.