Known globally by their French name Médecines sans Frontières (MSF), Doctors Without Borders was awarded an “A” rating by See for example this article about their activities.

When I began my massage career in 2007, it was largely because I wished to spend my remaining career years in healing activities. MSF is the one organization that seems to have the lowest bureaucratic overhead, tends to be first on the scene in conflict zones and natural disasters, and doesn’t hoard donations for future projects or its own management and excessively-paid executives (by contrast, see stories like “How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes”).

By 2014, their work become even more important and well-known, when the group was the first — and often only — line of defense against Ebola in West Africa, the first to build treatment centres, the first to send replacement doctors. See more at, where you can read the story of “how a relatively small, decentralized group like MSF came to lead the response to the world’s biggest outbreak of Ebola.”

This is why I tithe my business income to MSF.

Read more, or donate, at their site Médecins Sans Frontières.